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Satellite imagery and their reports have been surfacing in the offices of the DIA, CIA, DPMO, and elsewhere since the early 1970' least as far as I can determine.  I will attempt to chronologically list the Satellite Imagery reports below and I'm sure that more in-depth research in this area will reveal even more -- which will be posted!

In 1973, the images '1573' or '1973 TH' were picked up in a satellite image taken of The Plain of Jars region in Laos.  The numbers and letters appeared to have been trampled into deep elephant grass and according to U.S. News & World Report (Jan 17, 1994 v116 n2 p49(3)), "Pentagon officials concede that these two symbols remain unexplained."  Please keep in mind that the afore-mentioned article was written over six years ago, so the Pentagon may have categorically dismissed the images by now.

In 1975, a satellite picture taken of Dong Dang -- Route 83 revealed the Morse code symbol for 'K' which looks like '-.-'. (dash dot dash ...-Morse code translator)); the letter 'K' was an Air Force signal for a pilot in distress.  The code, according to U.S. News & World Report (July 20, 1992 v113 n3 p11(1)), was found on top of a prison in the area and had been constructed using roof tiles.  Also, according to the same article, "Seventeen reports from people in the region put the prison total at about 40."  

In 1981, photo interpreters studied photographic images of the Nhommarath prison camp.  In a garden plot inside the prison walls, '52-K' or 'B-52-K' were found.  The study was made because human and signals intelligence indicated that prisoners were being held there.

In 1988, the CIA discovered the letters 'USA' in a rice paddy in Northern Laos...along with what appeared to be the letter 'K'.  According to an article written in The American Spectator (Feb 1994 v27 n2 p26(9)), the Pentagon took four (4) years to investigate the finding and when the owner of the rice paddy was finally interviewed -- he said that his son had made the 'USA' because "he liked the shape of the letters."  

In 1992, just outside the Dong Vai prison (also referred to as Dong Mang) (located near Haiphong, Vietnam I believe), one of the most well-known satellite images are picked up.  Robert Dussault, an expert in Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) training locates the letters 'USA' etched on the ground.  Just under it is 'S-E-R-E-X'; and just under the letters are '72 TA 88'.  The letters correspond to Air Force electronic warfare officer, Major Henry M. Serex, who was shot down over Vietnam on April 2, 1972 (2 days before my sisters were born).    




- Plain of Jars

- Nhommarath




- Haiphong

- Dong Dang (Rt. 83)

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