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Dedicated to those who remain unaccounted from the Korean War and the Vietnam War

Relinquunt Omnia Servare Rem Natio


The U.S. Government had decided that the images were merely "Photographic Anomalies" and not of a man-made source.  However, Larry Burroughs (a retired AF Colonel who was once the director of the National Photographic Interpretation Center) believes otherwise; Colonel Burroughs had been hired by the Senate select committee in 1992 to review images from the region.

According to another U.S. News & World Report (Jan 17, 1994 v116 n2 p49(3), "Burroughs reported seeing 10 sets of numbers and letters that he deemed worthy of more examination. Near the USA, for instance, he made out the name of another downed pilot. When Burroughs examined photographs of
the Dong Mang prison camp, before he even got to the SEREX image, he
discovered another set of symbols near the prison: GX 2527. The X was a
walking X; the 2527, the authenticator of yet another missing pilot. Burroughs
says he has 100 percent confidence the GX 2527 is real. Burroughs's contract
ran out, and he never got to examine the SEREX image."

The 'GX' are distress letters, and the '2527' is the secret four-digit number belonging to Air Force Colonel Peter Matthes, who has been missing-in-action since 1969.  

If the U.S. Government can say, without a doubt, that there is no reason to believe that U.S. Servicemen are being held against their will in Southeast Asia -- than why are our satellites trained down in areas such as the prison camps?  Not all of them can be suspected as areas where illegal substances (narcotics, drugs, etc...) are being cultivated!

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