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Armed conflict between two or more governments or states.  When such conflicts assume global proportions, they are known as world wars.  War between different parts or factions of the same nation is called civil war.

-- Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000

"...war is not over as long as the last slain soldier remains unburied."

-- Source: unknown

The loss of a life is a tragedy under any circumstance and is regarded as an unfortunate but necessary evil of war.  By this I mean that for every winner their must be a loser -- for one side to win, the other side must lose; and to do so costs resources, including the most precious resource!  But to what extent?  Do you throw everything you have into the pot and hope for the best or do you gradually build and take away with the tide of the war?  

The Korean War saw approximately 5,720,000 (See Note 1 below) American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines between 1950 and 1953.  During the course of The Korean War, approximately 36,913 American servicemen lost their lives trying to stave off the Communist river -- and over 8,000 soldiers currently remain POW/MIA. [592 once called Pennsylvania home]

The Vietnam War saw roughly 8,744,000 (See Note 1 below) American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines between 1964 and 1973 {See Note 2 below}.  During the course of The Vietnam War, 58,177 American servicemen lost their lives trying to prevent communism from swallowing the torn nation of Vietnam; that is 9,301 more than the stadium capacity of Oriole Park at Camden Yards!  From those valiant Americans who gave their life, 2029 currently remain unaccounted for.  [109 once called Pennsylvania home]

It is unfortunate that any one person would ever be held captive (against their will) during a war, however it happens.  Every nation in the world who has ever been involved in a war has done it, the United States is, and will always be, a product of war!


Note 1:  Statistics were extracted from The DoD Directorate for Information Operations and Reports: Table 2-23 (Principal wars in which the United States participated).

Note 2: U.S. involvement in Vietnam actually began in the mid-to-late 1950's -- we had sent Military Advisors to assist the South Vietnamese Armed Forces.

Note 3: Stadium information concerning seating capacity of Oriole Park at Camden yards obtained at their website:


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