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I am truly honored to receive such wonderful and meaningful awards, such as those displayed below.  The Patriot's Inn wishes to dedicate them to all of the POW/MIAs for which the United States has yet to accounted for -- from all wars since past.  My only wish is for those who's names appear on remembrance and dedication pages across the entire web will one day be able to lay there eyes on sites such as Operation Just Cause and The POW/MIA Web-Ring. Only than will they know that they are truly not forgotten (not by there fellow American Citizens anyway).

From this moment on, lets work together to ensure that one day this page, and one's just like it, are taken down. Better yet, let's work to change them from remembrance pages to celebration pages.

The Count-Down begins, and the clock ticks away....

Graciously accepted on February 28, 2003

Received and accepted on January 17, 2003

Honorably received on behalf of all of Pennsylvania's Heroes
on this day, March 28, 2001 -- "The Trusted Online Home For America's Military Community"  

Proud recipient of Military Worlds "Top Honors" Award
Received on January 1, 2001

Military World is a premier website/portal dedicated to providing information and services
to the military, retiree, and veteran communities.

TPI is honored to be the recipient of Old Glory Traditions Website of the Week Award
for the week of December 24 - December 30, 2000.

Grunt Gold Site Award

This honor received in the name of Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs
on August 27, 2000.  

Grunt: The Ultimate Military Site

This special award was received by me on June 24, 2000.  It means quite a lot to me.  Please click on the award to read about a TRUE HERO!

Thanks Higgy

Thanks LadyJen

Thanks John P. Lorf

Thanks Larry J. Brugh

Thanks Syop

Thanks Rosebud

Thanks Joimac

Thanks Puff

Thanks Beverly

Thanks Geocities

(When the site was hosted at Geocities) 


[ Notable Books ]

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Leave No Man Behind by Garnett "Bill" Bell with George J. Veith

Kiss the Boys Goodbye : How the United States Betrayed Its Own P.O.W.S. in Vietnam by Monika Jensen-Stevenson, William Stevensen

A heart-ripping autobiography of Colonel Jim Thompson, America's Longest-Held Prisoner of War.

by Frank Anton , Tommy Denton (Contributor), and Frank Anton

One Day Too Long by Timothy N. Castle

Five Years to Freedom by James N. Rowe

Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. POW Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War by George J. Veith



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