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Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs

Dedicated to those who remain unaccounted from the Korean War and the Vietnam War

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Once the Clinton Administration began handling the document, they immediately classified it as secret.  Luckily, Dr. Morris had given a copy of the document to journalist Celestine Bohlen of the New York Times bureau in Moscow; had he not -- the public may never have known the document existed.

Overall, the Defense Department was quick to dismiss the document as being a plant (a document purposely created and/or falsified for the purpose of misinformation and subterfuge).  In a 1993 {July) DoD POW/MIA Newsletter, officials stated that "While portions of the document are plausible, evidence in support of its claims to be an accurate summary of the POW situation in 1972 are far outweighed by errors, omissions, and propaganda that detract from its credibility."  As Dr. Morris pointed out in his narrative, "What are the errors, omissions and propaganda?"  They conveniently left out their 'critical analysis!'

Articles in several major newspapers have attempted to discredit the document by questioning both the document's and Dr. Morris' authenticity.


In Pursuit of Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs is a "project in the making" ...more on the way soon!

If you wish to read the "Quang 1205" document for yourself, please click here.

If you wish to read Dr. Stephen J. Morris' personal narrative on the "1205 document" as printed in The National Interest in 1993, please click here.


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In Pursuit of Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs is a "project in the making" ...more on the way soon!