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Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs
Dedicated to those who remain unaccounted from the Korean War and the Vietnam War
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The Prisons of Manchu-China

According to an article written in "Insight on the News" (March 30, 1998 v14 n12 p19(3)) an investigative journalist by the name of Mark Sauter uncovered declassified documents "that the Pentagon said didn't exist."  "One report, dated June 20, 1952, details camps in Korea, Manchuria and China."

These are the locations that were specifically named in the article:

  • Antung
    • Liaoning Province, China
  • Chekiang
  • Shang Hsin Ho (Near Nanking)
    • Jiangsu Province, China
  • Canton
    • Guangdong (Kwangtung) Province, China
  • Mukden
    • Liaoning Province, China
  • Peiping
    • Beijing Province, China
  • Tunghua
    • Jilin Province, China


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Shang_Hsin_Ho.gif (6497 bytes)
Shang Hsin Ho

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Canton.gif (9833 bytes)

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